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About Hair Extensions
by Chelsey

Welcome to Hair Extensions by Chelsey, the hub for unparalleled hair extensions in the Greater Prescott area. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, Chelsey has been at the forefront of hair transformation since 2004.

Chelsey originally hails from Las Vegas and after more than a decade in the frenetic, fast paced hair design industry in the city that never sleeps, Chelsey felt a growing desire for a change of pace. In 2016, she made the strategic move, transitioning from the bustling energy of Vegas to the serene ambiance of Prescott. This decision was driven not just by her desire for a change in rhythm but also by her aspiration to cater to a community that values quality and expertise.


Chelsey's extensive experience, paired with her profound dedication to her profession, guarantees that every client experiences a blend of comfort, trust, and satisfaction. When you step out of her salon, it's not just about looking great but also feeling a renewed sense of confidence and allure.

Why Choose Chelsey?

  1. Certified Expertise: Chelsey is not just an expert; she's a certified professional with three renowned hair extension companies:

    • Locket Hair Extensions

    • Perfectress Ultimate Weft Link (weft hair attachment beads)

    • Laser Beamer Nano (bonded individual pieces)

    • Halo Couture 

  2. 100% Human Hair: Quality is paramount. Chelsey only uses 100% human hair extensions, ensuring a natural look and feel.

  3. Customized Looks: Every client is unique, and so is their hair. Chelsey offers a tailored approach, ensuring that the extensions not only fit perfectly but also complement your natural beauty.

  4. Educative Approach: Unsure about which method is right for you? Dive into our FAQ section to learn more about the different options available and to find answers to common questions. For a visual treat, don't forget to explore the stunning transformations in our before and after gallery on the Services page.

Ready to elevate your hair game? Reach out to Chelsey for a personalized consultation. Your dream hair is just a call away: (702) 460-9745.

Optimize your look with Hair Extensions by Chelsey, where beauty and expertise meet in the heart of Prescott.

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C & Co Salon

1228 Willow Creek Rd ste 2, Prescott, AZ 86301, USA

(702) 460-9745

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